The best time to visit the winery

Almost all seasons are good to visit the winery Clos d’Agon.

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons for its chromatic richness. Vine leaves make up mosaics of green, yellow and red tones. Between mid-September and mid-October the grape harvest takes place and the winery is in full activity. For this reason, visits are suspended during this period. Since the ripening of the grapes is a natural process, which varies each year according to the weather, you must consult with the cellar the availability for visits at this dates. In any case, Clos d’Agon has scheduled visiting hours but a reservation always needs to be made.

In winter the vines lose their leaves and less attractive bare vines appear. However, we find ourselves in front of a beautiful winter landscape.

Spring offers long days and mild temperatures; the vineyards are covered with a uniform green leaf. This is the perfect moment to enjoy outdoor tasting with magnificent views and pleasant temperatures.

Summer is usually hot, but Clos d’Agon, situated near the sea, in the town of Calonge, allows us to enjoy sea and mountain views and a cool breeze that soothes the high summer temperatures. At this time of the year, sitting on our terrace and enjoying a good glass of our wines with magnificent views of the Costa Brava, turns the visit into a special moment to remember.

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