Wine Turism

Spreading our work

We enjoy our work and we like to share what we do daily with the visitor. In any case, wine tourism is not our main objective. We are wine growers with the only purpose of obtaining a wine with the highest quality and in this we concentrate our efforts.

But we are pedagogical. We serve the visitor the same people who make the wine. That is why you always have to check availability, since this will depend on the work we carry out in the winery.

You can do it directly from our form or by sending an email to We will also offer you information about visit options and prices.

The harvest takes place between mid-August and mid-October and the winery is in full activity, involving all the staff. For this reason, visits are suspended during this time of year. The maturation of the grape is a natural process, which varies each year according to its climatology, so this period is variable year after year.

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Don't worry. We never use your email for spam.