Clos dAgon

There are written records that confirm the existence of a vineyard on this estate as early as the 15th century in what was the Mas Sabater. In 1792 the current farmhouse, today called Mas Gil, was built, which in ancient times was surrounded by 12 ha of vineyard, planted with hybrid varieties, narrow planting frames and goblet pruned

The modern history of the Clos d’Agon cellar begins in 1987, when the couple formed by Philippe Dambois and Danièle Bagon bought the property. Advised by the professors of the University of Montpellier André Crespy and Pierre Galet, and after a careful study of the soil and climate of the area, they decided to pull up the old vineyard and plant new varieties especially suitable for the production of quality wines

After that stage, six Swiss friends with interests in the world of wine acquired the estate in 1998, building the current winery, completing the vineyard plantation until reaching 16 ha and being advised by the prestigious winemaker Peter Sisseck

Currently two of those six friends, Alfons Niedhart and Juerg Maurer, own the property of Bodegas Clos d’Agon and, since 2008, the technical management has been in the hands of winemaker Miguel Coronado